Sunlight Readable


The solution of outdoor environment or high ambient light conditions.(Sunlight readable)

What is "Optical Bonding”?

Optical bonding is the process of laminating cover glass or touchscreens to the LCD cell. It is a process that applies a layer of transparent material such as OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) or OCR (Optically Clear Resin) between the layers to completely fill the air gap. The adhesive  is  completely transparent, the structure and color of the adhesive will not transform through the use of time.

The advantages of the Optical bonding:
  (1) To enhance the sunlight readability
  (2) To increase the module strength
  (3) To be low reflection for touch screens.
  (4) To be suitable for the outdoor environment.




2.The methods to lower the reflection of module
2-1.Optical Bonding


2-2.AR+Optical Bonding


2-3.Dual SLR film


2-4.AR+Dual SLR film


2-5.The comparsion of sunlight readable solution