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Jan. 2019 news release

Publish Date:Jan. 10,2019

* Release Powertip Full Viewing Angle (80*80*80*80) TFT display
* Phase out items announcement
* CPT financial issue

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Sep. 2018 news release

Publish Date:Sep. 04,2018

*PH102600T009-IHA 4-in-1 A series.
*PH800480T007-IHA 4-in-1 A series.

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IPC Qualified Manufacturers Listing (QML) Authentication

Publish Date:Feb 06,2018

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Feb. 2018 news release

Publish Date:Feb. 02,2018

*M4 evaluation board—Detail introduction of M4 board.

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Jan. 2018 news release

Publish Date:Jan. 17,2018

*5” , 7” 7201280 capacitive touch panel LCD module – MIPI interface.
*HDMI display series.
*EM touch series.
*Cortex M4 evaluation board

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Sep. 2017 news release

Publish Date:Sep. 06,2017

1.7” 800480 borderless capacitive touch panel LCD module.
2.7” 800480 Capacitive touch panel with Gorilla cover lens.
3.7” 1024600 RGB interface with/without capacitive touch panel LCD module.

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