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updated information on website

Publish Date:Feb. 27,2024

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Non-Russian origin of the iron and steel products Declarations

Publish Date:Jan 18,2024

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updated information on website-2023

Publish Date:Dec 25,2023

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Jan. 2020 news release

Publish Date:Jan. 06,2020

* Release Full viewing angle 4-in-1 A series display
* Release Integrated Display solutions
* Powertip OCR (Optical Clear Resin) bonding facility announcement

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Declaration of California Proposition 65

Publish Date:Jun 05,2019

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Jan. 2019 news release

Publish Date:Jan. 10,2019

* Release Powertip Full Viewing Angle (80*80*80*80) TFT display
* Phase out items announcement
* CPT financial issue

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