Surface Treatment

█ Anti-Glare (AG) █

Using a spray coating or etching process to mist the glass surface, create scattering effect and reduce the phenomenon of reflected light on glass, but still keep the high transmittance, and make the improvement of clarity.

█ Anti-Reflection (AR) █

Using an optical coating process with the substrates of TiO2 and SiO2 to coat multi-layers on single side or both sides, it reduces the reflection and increases the transmittance of glass that can improve the clarity of screen.

█ Surface Low Reflection (SLR) Film █

Similar to the AR coating effect, better performance on the transmittance and reflection, easy to process.

█ Anti-Fingerprint (AF) █

An anti-fingerprint screen protector is a sheet of transparent material that limits scratches to a screen and also resists smudging and fingerprints.
For devices with touch screens or small screens that are likely to be handled, like that of a cell phone, the anti-fingerprint protection can make fingerprints less visible as well as make them easier to wipe off