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Jan. 2019 news release

Jan 10,2019

Dear Partners:

Welcome back from Holiday. Happy new year, and wish you have a prosperous Y2019.

- New year holiday is coming early Feb. and it may bring influence to the production capacity of whole
  supplychain. Please check your customer’s demand for Q1 and release the order shortly.

- Powertip will attend the Embedded world dated on Feb. 26-28 at Nuremberg, Germany. It’s our
  pleasure to have you there and we would like to share our new Embedded solution with you.

- Regarding CPT financial issue, we do have alternative source for all items in order to continue
  supply our product. The LCD we are purchasing form CPT is listed below:
  2.8” (PH240320T-063 series)
  4.3” (PH480272T-006 series)
  5” (PH800480T-018 series)
  7”MIPI (PH7201280-003 series).

  All above items we have certain number of stocks in house, and there are all have alternative sources
  from another TFT suppliers for backup solution. There is no any impact to current open order.

  We will prepare new samples for evaluation purpose which is based on exactly same mechanical and
  same pin assignment, and the software might need to be modified.

  We are considering to phase out those items which we have no orders in the past 1 year, Please
  check with your list if you will need to place the last buy order before 20190130 with the latest
  delivery schedule before 20190630.

- Please refer to the followings as VA (Vertical alignment) graphic monochrome display.
- Please check with your contact window for further details.  

- Please refer to the followings as Powertip Full Viewing Angle (80*80*80*80) TFT display
- Please check with your contact window for further details.


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Sep 04,2018

Sep. 2018 news release

Publish Date:Sep. 04,2018

*PH102600T009-IHA 4-in-1 A series.
*PH800480T007-IHA 4-in-1 A series.

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